Smoke sauna

The smoke sauna, built from beautifully weathered aspen, seats 12 people. The heat in this traditional sauna is very humid and gentle. A unique feature in this sauna is the al fresco shower, made of natural stone; the tile floor is kept unfrozen and warm even in the coldest winter weather.

After sauna, a refreshing plunge in the lake’s clear, fresh water is just a hop away, along the wooden pier. And if you want to experience something truly invigorating and unforgettable, try ice swimming!

  • Smoke sauna for 12 people

  • Close to the lake

  • Ice swimming in winter

  • Outdoor fireplace


Log sauna

The atmospheric log sauna is on the ground floor of the main building and seats up to ten bathers. Outside, next to the sauna is a Jacuzzi (reservation needed).

The adjacent indoor fireplace cabin (for 20 people) and open-air terraces are the perfect retreats for cooling off between sauna sessions, or just enjoying the view.

It is easy to continue the evening also in the new Bear’s Den and have a proper sausage sizzle.


  • Sauna for 10 people

  • Next to the lake

  • Ice swimming in winter

  • Large indoor fireplace cabin

  • Large outdoors terrace

  • Outdoors Jacuzzi


Merta sauna

In Merta there is a modern, black electric sauna for the guests to enjoy. Why not start your morning in sauna (reservation needed)?

  • Sauna for 10 people

  • Reservation needed


Suite sauna

The suites in Merta have their own saunas and indoor Jacuzzis.

  • Sauna for 4–5 people

  • Jacuzzi