Booking terms

  • The reservation is valid for the amount of persons mentioned in the reservation.
  • The amount of persons must be confirmed two weeks (14 days) before the event.
  • Rapukartano will charge according to the confirmed amount of people even though the actual amount would be less.
  • Rapukartano has the right to change prices and charge for premises if the amount of persons is 10 % less than confirmed. If there are more guests than confirmed Rapukartano will charge according to the actual amount.
  • The charge for premises is 400 €.
  • The advance payment that confirms the reservation is charged as follows:
    400 € Private events
    500 € Company events
  • If the advance payment is not paid by the due date the reservation will expire automatically. The payment is compensated in the actual invoice.
  • The advance payment will not be refunded in case the event is cancelled after the due date.
  • The event can be rescheduled to be held within 6 months of the cancellation, with the same advance payment.
  • If the event is cancelled within the 2 weeks (14 days) before the event 50 % of the total amount will be charged.
  • The cancellation must be made in writing, by email or by post to Koivulahden Rapukartano.
  • In case of a force majeure Rapukartano may cancel the reservation. In that case the customer is entitled to be refunded the advance payment in total.
  • If the circumstances and timetable of the event change for reasons beyond our control, Rapukartano reserves the right to change prices. Rapukartano reserves the right to change prices in case its subcontractors change their pricing.
  • For any changes made 3 working days before the event Rapukartano will charge +20 % of the value of the additional order.
  • The reserver of the premises is responsible for any damages caused to the property of Rapukartano, and for any repairing costs due to the damages .
  • All premises must be in presentable condition after the event. If any extra cleaning is needed Rapukartano will charge the customer (minimum charge 50 €).
  • Payment by cash or by the most common credit cards. For credit card payments Rapukartano will charge an extra 2 % of the invoice.
  • Invoicing payment terms net 7 days, interest on late payment 10 %.
  • Any reclamations must be made in writing within a week (7 days) of the event.